Hüper Optik® heralds the
window film industry into a new
era with advanced
nano-technology and the
world's first and only
nano-ceramic solar control
films for applications in the
architectural market. This
worldwide-patented ceramic
technology is the culmination
of distinctive German research
and state-of-the-art production

Hüper Optik is virtually
transparent, allowing high
daytime visibility without
compromising  your view at
night. It is the ideal film to
reduce heat without changing
the appearance of your home
or business.
SunScape Select films are
available in a wide array of
shades from the faintest stone,
to the richest golden browns.
Madico also offers a product
line designed specifically to
reduce interior reflection,
ensuring your filmed windows
are as appealing in the day as
they are at night. Some
Sunscape Select films have
been designed to provide dual
performance properties of
solar and safety.
Watch the numbers drop on
those HVAC costs with Madico
window film. A reflective film
can keep out as much as 83%
of the sun's heat, dramatically
lowering air conditioning costs.
In the winter, the same film
helps retain interior heat,
reducing heating costs.

Madico films also help regulate
the temperature disparity
between the sunny and the
shady areas of your building.
Offices stay cooler in the
summer and warmer in the
winter, all of which makes you
and your employees more
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Industry News:
- Madico has once again jumped ahead of the window film industry with a
series of new scratch-resistant exterior window films. The process and
name EXSR have been perfected over the last 10 years for use with security
film but recently Madico has integrated the technology with solar control
products.  Product life is estimated at over 10 years for vertical installations.
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