Today's use of window graphics for both office interior and storefront
glazing has extended far beyond the old days of applying self-adhesive
vinyl to decorate or promote a brand or services. Applications onto glass
are now sophisticated jobs that are designed to attract attention or, at the
other end of the scale, provide shade and privacy to the workplace

The days of manually cutting out letters and patterns from frosted and matte
effect vinyl film are transforming into new and innovative product thanks to
optically clear PET window film manufactured by Lintec Japan. Using our
latest Digital UV Ink Cure Technology, Smartfilms, SF Vision Graphics can
now be printed directly to traditional vinyl and newly introduced optically
clear polyester window film.

Working with Lintec’s window films has also been enhanced considerably
with the addition of white ink.  A base coat adds density when applying
other colours, bringing image graphics to LIFE. With this combination of
white layering technology, double-sided reverse graphics images can now
be achieved.

Using the new UV Ink technology, we are one step further in using the
latest eco-friendly products to help your building project qualify for LEED
certification. We also encourage our team members to continue increasing
their knowledge and understanding of green building and commitment to
sustainability by meeting higher performance standards in environmental
responsibility and energy efficiency.
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Industry News:
- Lintec has once again jumped ahead of the window film industry with a
new scratch-resistant exterior printable polyester window films.
Digital images with Smartfilms printing technology now can be applied to
exterior surface of display windows and building envelope. Contact us for
more details.
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Wall Meets High Resolution!
Digitally Printed Wallpaper that
transform wall surface into a vibrant
canvas. Never before has creating
custom wallcoverings been so
easy. Simply provide your logo,
photo or message and the
wall dimensions. We input this
information into our computer and
provide a proof for you of the look
you've created.
With your approved proof, we go to
press and create your custom
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We are the Western Canada's  authorized dealer of Lintec Graphics,
Huper Optik Ceramic Films, Madico Window Films, 3M Fasara Frosted and Digital Graphic Films & our new
Belbien Surface Films
for exterior and interior applications on both new construction and tenant improvements. We have extensive experience working with glazing companies,
interior designers and architects. Regardless of the job, we are there to give you the best.

From its beginning in 1997, Smartfilms has delivered quality products and workmanship by skilled craftsmen to complete your projects on time.

Smartfilms is able to adapt and react to your fast track schedules and changing customer requirements.
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